MWA, Udupi by Tanveer


Alhamdulillah, this year, Muslims from Udupi & DK are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi. Over the years, the center, which is more than a religious institution, has expanded in size and the services it offers to the local community by supporting humanitarian and development projects for the welfare of its community members and has carved out a unique niche for itself as the most popular organization in uplifting the community.

Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi has grown considerably over the last three decades. "I remember when my father (Janab K.A.Gafoor – a founder member) use to say about the stories of formation of the association. What all the problems they faced and how they get rid of those problems. As per his wordings it was in the year of 1982 when some of his friends discussing the problems of the Muslim community not having an association that can serve the Muslim community in Udupi. It came to their minds to establish a small association of having 50 Life members of Udupi town.  It is also discussed, association can have a set of utensils for hire and the income can be used for poor children circumcision and help the poor people. By the guidance of some elderly religious minded people, an association formed under (late) Haji Ameeruddin Saheb (Famous Footwear) as their first president. Accordingly membership drive was started and within a couple of months the 50 members were enrolled from home as well from gulf countries as a fixed life membership fee of Rs500/-.  Subsequently the association was registered at registrar of societies at Mangalore as a registered association named as MUSLIM WELFARE ASSOCIATION.  The money collected Rs25,000/- speedily used for purchase of utensils for hire. 

The association started its full swing of operation and takes up the task of first Programme of Circumcision to the poor Muslim boys and successfully carried out during the summer holidays. Alhamdulillah, I remember when I was very young, we arranged a breakfast party in our house, where all the active members with supporters attended. We use to have lots of fun in circumcision program. We use to go along with them while circumcision carries. I still remember it was the first organization among others, which started this program and continues. For the next coming years MWA thought of extending the Circumcision programme to Karkala taluk.  With the help of the local people that was successful during that year.  This program was spread to Puttur taluk with the help of head constable (late) Haji Usman Saheb.  MWA always thank to those who helped directly or indirectly.Meanwhile I remember my grand father late Janab Ameer Adam Saheb (founder member of Arabic madrasa in Indiranagar) sponsored five thousand books of Darood E Salaam, written by Moulana Abul A’la Maududi(R) (1903 – 1979) published in Urdu language. It was under the banner of Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi. Those books were printed in Shimoga under the direction of Sikander Wahab which was distributed free.



At the same time, I heard my father Janab K.A.Gafoor extended his full time work in Kuwait with his team member Janab S.H. Abdul Khader Ibrahim Bailoor, Hungarkatte Abdul Munaaf, Sayed Mohammed Ibrahim Udupi, Mohammed Ibrahim Bannanje, Sayed Yunus Moodubidri,   Abdul Aziz Pulkeri, Late Haji K. Shabbir Ahmed (City Nursing Home, Karkala) & K. Niyaz Ahmed extending the membership drive and there was a very good response from them. At the same time Mr. Abdul Aziz Pulkeri has made a meaningful, consequential emblem. Emblem looks like a green star and contain MWA in it, which is short form of Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi. From the beginning days Mr. Mohammed Siddiq Thai, Bombay supported us by helping in associations office works carried out in Kuwait. As result, membership drive started at UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain and Muscat too.  Thus the most ambitious dream of Udupi Muslims comes true. 

During those days my father uses to work with Mr. Shamshuddin Yusuf for Castell Management Services in Kuwait. He is also honorable General Secretary for Faizul Islam Educational Trust, Shirva. He was my father’s cousin as well as the proprietor of the Castell Management Services. He supported him to his fullest by providing him office services, vehicle as well as financial aids. He always remembers his priceless support rendered in the early period. In my father’s early days in Kuwait he supported a lot in every aspect.

Those days he used to collect old clothes from various parts of Kuwait & send it to India through sea cargo. He remembers the person Mr. Ibrahim Zaheer  from Udupi who was bank employee in Bombay was very cooperative in clearing the same & sending to Udupi, which later distributed among the poor and needy people in and around Udupi. He uses to leave the duty and come forward to facilitate us in this noble cause.

"Certainly our predecessors, those who founded the association, never could imagine that we are so large, so diverse, such an active community," my father always used to tell me. Many of the activities at the organization are made possible only by active members who volunteer their time, money etc. He always remembers the contribution of each member rendered in early days. This is only the association where you can witness father along with his sons & brothers with their brothers supporting the organization. Simultaneously you will see them as active members. Late Haji Ameeruddin Saheb with his sons Riyaz Ahmed,  Fayez Ahmed, Mohammed Arshad, Late Haji Abdul Salaam with sons Ifthikar &.Aathif Hussain. Brothers like P. Rasheed Ahmed & P.Khaleel Ahmed, K.Abdul Majeed & K.Abdul Gafoor (Bed Craft), Sharfuddin Dawood , Noor Mohammed Dawood, Muthalib Dawood, Hashim Dawood & Fazlath Dawood, Gulam Rauf & late Maqbool Hayath, K.Abdul Kalaam, Kurshid Hussain  &Ibrahim Zaheer, U Ibrahim & U Mohammed.

I always find him remembering his old friends even though working in Kuwait. Some of his friends who worked really hard for association in the commencement stages are late Haji Ameeruddin Saheb & sons, Haji B.K. Abdul Kader, Haji Khateeb Abbas, U. Ibrahim,  late Abdul Hamid K, Sikander Wahab Shaikh, Mohammed Fairoz, Shaikh Abdul Khader, Haji K Abdulla Parkala, late Haji Abdul Salaam & sons, Muneer Mahmoud (Glass House), late Ummer Ali Baig, Usman Ali (L.I.C), Abdul Razak (Auto Link), Sharfuddin & Bros, Shabbir Abdul Rahman, Gulam Rauf,  late Maqbool Hayath, P. Khaleel Ahmed, Abdul Razak (Fashion Footwear), K.Abdul Majeed, K.Abdul Gafoor, Mohammed Peer, P. Rasheed , late Haji Abu Sayed Manna & sons, Haji Manna Mohammed Jafer & sons, Haji Qamruddin M, Haji Muneer Hussain, V. S. Umar (Deco Ply), Tajammul Hussain, M Kalimulla Tonse (L.C.C), Althaf,  S. Abdul Rasheed, Puttur & his father & brothers. Among them today he lost few of them to whom he constantly remembers in duaas. I personally saw late Janab Abdul Hamid K giving his complete time for the office of Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi. Janab Sharfuddin & Bros working for association very closely. For association’s annual general body meetings, it was getting space from Famous commercial complex and electrical accessories required were given by Champion Electrical works. Sikander Wahab gave Shamiyana and all types of chairs & tables desired . Late Mohammed  Hussain & sons of Moosa Arts provided  advertising g & information  banners. Further he says that when they were not having any stores to keep the utensils Mr. Sharfuddin Dawood & Bros came forward and entire things were kept in Dawood Compound. He says that Mr. Mohammed Qamar helped them while buying first office of MWA in Affan complex and Mr. P. Khaleel Ahmed & P.Rasheed Ahmed while purchasing office in Sabson’s complex.


He uses to say me that on every occasion they gather for preparation of pamphlets, it was like big discussion, press gathering, very responsive, and approachable from each and every member. When everything discussed comprehensively, once finalize in that case verdict was taken unanimously to print it on pamphlets.

The year passed, association earned a good amount of revenue from hire of Utensils, chalked out programme of extending financial help to Arabic madrasa in and around Udupi.  Initially it started with Rs100/- per Madrasa and adopted a resolution to spend money for unclaimed Muslim dead bodies, or dead poor Muslim’s cremation expenses.  This  small work during this period the Association earned an appreciation from the Community especially from poor Muslims.  They categorized MWA Ray of Hope.

MWA was encouraged by the NRI’s start Zakath collection and distribution and Qurbani hide collection.  The revenue collected was used for financial assistance to Men for self-employment and sewing machine distribution to woman.  This program made every success MWA.  Apart from the above every year, MWA joins the hands of Udupi Jamia Masjid administration in their programs like scholarships distribution and Iftar Function since 20 years

One of the main thing currently association doing is collecting the Fithra & Zakath locally and Gulf countries and distributing it in & around Udupi District. These days Association is collecting Fithra & zakath in huge amount. We have very energetic members through out Gulf who are supporting us in this noble cause. We are sending e-mails to all our well wishers & supporters who are really kind to us. In Dubai, all this activities carries under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Sayed Mohammed Ibrahim, Udupi who was earlier very active member in Kuwait. After migrating to Dubai, He continues the same.  Further he is having his own team there. In Dubai Mr.Riyaz Ahmed, Mr. T.S.Ansar, Mr.Dilwar Hussain, Mr.Munawwar Jaan, Mr Haneef Sharjah, Abdul Shukoor Abbas all this members are very dynamic in collecting the same. In Qatar the activities are carried out under the supervision of Mr. Iqbal Manna. He is among the very active members of the association. Masha Allah recently he made 2 times press release in, which was appreciated by all irrespective of caste & community. We are really very thankful for his press releases and Insha Allah hope more press releases in near future. Same time we are also thankful to management for the press releases. In Saudi Arabia all this activities carries under the guidance and leadership of Mr. U.  Ibrahim, Udupi. Further he is having his own team there, which includes Mr. Yasin Shaikh, Mr. U  Mohammed etc. In Bahrain we have Mr Hassan Tahir & In Muscat Mr. Khurshid Hussain is taking care of association’s activities. In Kuwait further Fithra & zakath collection is supported by Mr. Sadiq Ali Shaikh Ahmed, Mr. Abdul Aziz Ghouse Uchila, Mr. Abdul Aziz Pulkeri, Mr. Amanulla Tonse, Mr. Iqbal Hussain Zain, Mr. Abdul Hafiz Yusuf Kaup & associates joined in the same work.

Collected Fithra amount is distributed a day before Eid to the poor peoples of the society, so that they can also celebrate the joyfulness of the Eid. This is the only association where you can find volunteers going to their doors to distribute them fithra amounts.


Finally I want to thanks  the media for publishing our press releases. Our special thanks to Vaartha Bharthi, A daily Kannada news paper, for publishing our article of silver jubilee on September 8th 2007. Our specials to Sanmarga a weekly magazine for publishing our articles from the commencement days. Our special thanks to Mr. Iqbal Manna & team for their press releases.


Today having more than 600 life members, the association has diversified its activities not only by helping financially the poor and needy, but also supporting and encouraging the poor Muslim students to pursue higher education by sponsoring their financial needs, and empowering and educating the widows and girls hailing from poor families.

Helping Hand’s manifesto is addressed by focusing on the service and care of different factions of the society. Organization aims to eliminate poverty, illiteracy, diseases, injustice and Human suffering from the societies. Helping Hands mainly focuses on the problems of orphans, helpless and destitute people of the society. Helping poor, needy and disabled is the real purpose and happiness of the life. Majority of the needy and helpless people of the world are waiting for the help and support from those who are financially in a strong position. Our little contribution can send back these helpless and poor people to the way of happiness and prosperity. Making others happy is said as a Sadaqah by the Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him. If we cannot support financially to any one, smile in his face is known as Sadaqah by the Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him. If an act of smiling is sadaqah for us, then we cannot estimate and guess the reward of helping and supporting needy and helpless in the hour of need.

With references of the past achievements, more efforts must be taken in the field of education, to the less fortunate lots in the community. Illiteracy, and lack of education is the one of main causes of backwardness in the community


I loud my voice of appreciation for Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi for their constructive agenda focusing on education, financial assistance to the poor / widow / orphans and handicap persons.

I have closely watched some of its members of the Association for their exceptional contribution towards society. Significant enrollment of life members has boosted association to reach the heights of popularity in the undivided district and Middle East.

I wish all the well-wishers / devoted members / new management committee for all the success on the eye of Silver Jubilee Celebrations.  

While preparing this silver jubilee article, I was with my father when he received a call from U.Usman Ali, who gave shocking heartbreaking news concerning the bereavement of Janab Maqbool Hayath ( A founder member). We lost a precious member who was also functioning for silver jubilee function.  Words really cannot express how sad we feel. (Innallillahi Wainnailaihi Rajiun).

Finally, I pray from Almighty Allah for success, good health, strengthening of its members to achieve targeted goals & magfirath for those who passed away (Ameen).


“Sabah Garden”
Kukkikatte, Udupi
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