In the service of the community

In the service-minded people of our community, there was always this lurking thought that we had neither an institution nor a social group in and around Udupi that can support the poor or help up-lift the less fortunate sections of the society. A few senior members from our community, who were always pre-occupied with the thoughts of the welfare of the lesser fortunate members of the society, particularly from our community,

viz M/s Sheikh Abdul Khader, Haji Ameeruddin, Usman Ali, Hameed Bhai, Abdussalam Saheb were once contemplating on this dilemma very seriously after the prayers at the Jamia Masjid way back in the year 1981 and came up with an idea of setting up an Association to serve the Muslim community in and around Udupi. They put forward this thought to the then other likeminded senior member of the community in late Mr. Shaikh Abdul Khader who was popularly known as Shaikh Bhai. He welcomes the idea whole-heartedly and suggested that this be discussed with late Haji Ameeruddin Saheb who was at that time on Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca. On his return from Hajj, senior prominent members of the community, namely Late Haji Khateeb Abbas Saheb (Malpe), Late Haji Abdussalam Saheb, P. Khaleel Ahmed, Gulam Rauf, Late Maqbool Hayath along with U. Ibrahim and Usman Ali assembled and discussed the proposal of forming the Association. The proposal was well received by one and all and as a result the MUSLIM WELFARE ASSOCIATION, UDUPI was formed in the year 1982 under the leadership and guidance of Late Ameeruddin Saheb.

The services rendered by Janab Sharfuddin Dawood and his brother Noor Mohammed or for that matter the entire Dawood family whenever they arose, were indeed praise worthy for they had offered free storage facilities for utensils and other assets of the Association, free deliveries to and from the location of the ceremonies, maintaining the moment and revenue earned / expenses incurred etc.

In this back – drop, it is indeed a great pleasure and an honor to place on record our sincere appreciation on behalf of those dedicated, quite and behind the scene members on this great mile – stone occasion of celebration of the 25 years of our Association. It is a great tribute to all those members who have contributed in cash, kind and their invaluable time whole heatedly in rendering selfless services to the poorest and the most downtrodden section of the society. I have personally witnessed the phenomenal work put in by this silent but dedicated individuals, despite their own busy schedules and other personal and business commitments; how they have been approaching their friends and relatives and in even other unknown people from different nationalities in their single-minded pursuit service to humanity.

Apart from the yeoman services in the most conventional areas like Fithra and Zakath collection and distribution, Financial aids to Madrassas, for help educate children in religious studies, Organizing Ifthar functions etc. Attention has also been given to specialized areas like Qurbaani hide collection, Tailoring schools for ladies and circumcision for boys from the poorest of the families. While the services rendered by our Association and our members are highly commendable, the magnitude of the job at hand demands still more contribution from the people of all walks of life and it is here that we need to direct our attention to convert our efforts into a massively conscious movements to rope in as many members as possible to garner more and more supports in all kinds like books, cloths, finances, equipments etc. Besides of course, both time and efforts to reach to donors on one hand and organize distribution on the other.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirate, we are very fortunate to have a strong group of people with full commitment who works selflessly for the cause of helping the needy. Following are those who work hard to ensure total success in fulfilling the Associations social objectives:

Jahangir Khan – Mangalore, Abdul Jaleel – Udyavara, Riaz Ahmed – Udupi, Abdul Shukoor – Udupi, Qaiser Mohammed – Udyavara, Nayaz Ahmed – Karkala, Ansar Shaikh – Tonse, Mohammed  Iqbal Sabju-Udyavara,Asgar Ali-Kukkikatte,Mohammed Ali-Kukkikatte,Munawar Jan-Kukkikatte,Dilawar Hussain-Kukkikatte,Shahid Basha-Sastan,Fayaz Amir Saheb-Sastan,Shaikh Arif-Udyavara,Abdul Razak-Yermal,Mohammed Abdul Haq Asif-Hyderabad,Madar Mubarak-Tamilnadu, Zakir Hussain – Honnal, Thosusif Ahmed – Udupi, Rahil Rahmathullah – Udyavara, Sarfaraz Ahmed – Uchila, Asif – Malpe, Waseem Abdul Rasheed – Mangalore, Haneef Mohammed  - Sakleshpur, Jamal Haider Arabi – Karkala, Riyaz Ahmed – Koteshwara, Haneef Abdul Razak – Udupi, Iqbal – Adi Udupi, Mohammed Iqbal Razak Udupi, Anwat Abbas Mastan – Udyavara, Ummer – Karkala and Mohammed Saleem Sattar – Udupi.

United Arab Emirates in general, Dubai in particular is a place where people from diverse places congregate. It is our good fortune that the people mentioned above from different places in India but bound together by the spirit of human service in this beautiful place called Dubai and our single minded in their appetite for public service and have whole hearted supported to all our causes and worked day and night, selflessly and expecting nothing in return. Such is the bound that is binding us together & they go all out to collect funds & continue to render help and support from time to time.

I wish to thank all these members on behalf of THE MUSLIM WELFARE ASSOCIATION, UDUPI for their sincere contributions. No amount of praise is too high to recognize the efforts of these peoples. May their creeds grow by leaps and bonds.

While the services are rendered completely voluntarily driven by the philanthropic and helping nature of the people, there are few noted individuals who go well above and beyond ordinary mortals like us and rendered exceptional services to mankind. It is here once again that I am reminded of one such person in Mr.K.A.Gafoor who is also one of the founder members (currently based in Kuwait), who has been very instrumental in immersing himself with his heart and soul and who has responded to us magnificently every time we made our request, or on his own been rendering fantastic help, service and assistance in every respect for our Association. It is really a remarkable fete for a person of his caliber and stature – it talks humanity and greatness that irrespective of job at hand, he would never say, ‘no’ and always there at our beck and call. Such self-less service, such humanity, such dedication in a person, who can easily put up his foot and enjoy life, speaks volumes of his concern for the poorest of the poor and the downtrodden. In these days of materialism, he is an exemplary example to be emulated by a lot of us it will make a big differences to all those deserving cases of people from the economically weaken sections of the society. He is supported by a team of members namely Janab S.H.Abdul Kader Ibrahim – Bailoor, Hungarkatte Abdul Munaaf, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul Khader, Bannaje, Mr. Aziz Ghouse – Uchila, Late Abdul Aziz Pulkeri and Mr. K.A.Gafoor’s son Mr. Tanveer Raja also currently based in Kuwait have been giving a supporting hand. In spite of his (Tanveer’s) pre-occupation with his regular day to day responsibility as a part of his employment, Tanveer has been doing an excellent job by way of IT Support as he is the key person in sending out circulars, letters and all sorts of communications related to the Association, thus garnering incredible support in soliciting membership and disseminating information on the activities of the Association far and wide on a regular and consistent basis.

While thanking all the great contributors referred here will be out of place, I can do no better than to pray solemnly to Almighty Allah to grant all of them continued good health and strength to relentlessly pursue this great cause of service to humanity.

It has been a great journey thus far, but the destination is still far ahead of us. Hence it is our humble request to all members to renew their commitments with continued vigor and endeavor to reach out to as many deserving people as possible so that this Association becomes a fine example of dispassionate community service. With the kind of support that we have been witnessing from our dear members and well wishers, I have not even an iota of doubt that this can be achieved in our Silver Jubilee Celebration year. Ameen.

Best Wished,
Sayed Mohammed