(A Legendary Philanthropist of the current era)

Abdul Jaleel Saheb is a Legendary Philanthropist.His generocity has gained a namefor him in thisdistrict.He never wavered while helpingany desreving beneficiary who is socially,educationally or economically backward.Those who could get his help belonged to different religious groups.

If at all Allah has created a noble soul to serve humankind with complete sincerity,it can be said of Alhaj Abdul Jaleel Saheb. May Allah continue to accept his services to mankind....Ameen.

Halima Sabju Auditorium named after his late parents was established by him with the objective of helping the poor in getting their daughters&sons married and also for arranging any religious and social functions. The returns accruid from the Aditorium is duly utilised for the benefit of the poor and needy.

It is Veritably demanding to highlight that,large number of meetings,functions,seminars conducted for the benefit of General Public was invariably either sponsored by him or provided free auditorium space for the purpose.

The annual mass marriage event sponsored by him has benefited large number of economically poor young deserving couples.

He is the recipient of Hind Ratna Award in 1996 from the Govt. of India.With his infinite generosity and unstined noble services he has earned an admiration and revernce by majority of well wishers.

We pray Allah for sound health,peace,prosperity and pious life for him& his family.