Dear Members and All Muslim Brothers,

Assalam U Alaikum.

"The parable of those who spend their property in the way of Allāh is as the parable of a grain growing seven ears with a hundred grains in every ear, and Allāh multiplies for whom He pleases, and Allāh is Ample-giving, Knowing" (2:261).
Narrated 'Adi bin Hatim heard the Prophet saying: "Save yourself from Hell-fire even by giving half a date-fruit in charity."

“Whatever (material benefits) Allah has bestowed on you; you must think to build a house for the hereafter and do not forget your role in this world”, (liberal translation, Holy Quran Surah Qasas ,Ayat 77)

Dear Brothers and Sisters; you all very well know about the sufferings that resulted from the rains and floods in North Karnataka

MWA request you to kindly donate generously and join us in this relief work.

Sincerely Yours,

General Secretary
(Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi)


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