Editorís Message

Muslim Welfare Association Udupi has completed 25years of its purposeful existence formed with a small group of a handful of people in a small town like udupi. The association has now blossomed into a full-fledged organization extending its activities from udupi to other parts of the undivided D.K.District.The Association today is a name in Karnataka.

On the happy occasion of celebrating the silver jubilee, I cherish the memory of those members who worked ceaselessly during those days for the welfare of the Associational few are not with us today. My respectful homage to those departed.

Iam happy today that our Association has redeemed substantially many of the promises made while forming the Association will take up the remaining issues and work in the direction of fulfilling them in the coming days.

As the editor of the souvenir, I have only collated the Articles, Photographs and Events that contributed to Associations growth.

I am thanking all those who have extended their helping hand to us in achieving this objective. May Allah bless us all.....Ameen.


Silver Jubilee Souvenir