The Muslim Welfare Association, Udipi was established in the year of 1981 with a goal of serving the Muslim community of the Undivided South Kanara District.  The association started with a 40 like-minded life members of the district with a membership fee of Rs.500.  The association invested this money on utensils for hiring, and the money earned initially that was spent for the poor and downtrodden Muslim children’s circumcision program.

Due to the popularity and sincerity of the members, the Muslim brothers started pouring in to enroll as life members of the association that reached nearing to 600 as of today.  Initially the association office was operated in an office of a member and later it felt fit to purchase an office premises at Shan Arcade, where the hiring utensils was stored and full time office was established.  A meager income of Rs. 5,000/- grown to
Rs. 45 000 within 4 years of span, the association enlarged its activities such as:

  • Aid to Islamic Madrasas
  • Book Bank
  • Scholarship to poor Muslim students
  • Zakat collection & Distribution
  • Fitra collection & Distribution
  • Medical Aid to Poor
  • Old age pension
  • Arranging Blood donation camps.


Thus it gained a wide popularity not only within the community but also with the general public.  As a result the association required a bigger and specious office and storage premises.  It disposed off the office premises at Shan Arcade and purchased a specious office premises at Affan Complex measuring about 480 Sq.Ft.

The association has grown to a size that is able to cater every needs of the community.  A professional team of young and like-minded Muslim residents of Udipi town work hard for the betterment of the Association.  All these activities were materialized with the income of the utensils.  As years passed, the income of utensils has come down due to the competition from the private owners and the marriage halls come up in a size beyond the requirements of the people and this hall well equipped with the all amenities and supplies.  This resulted downward of income and the association constrained to sell off the old utensils and thought fit the money to be invested in other means.  The association is still striving and studying the possibilities of investing the money accumulated.

Since the income has stopped, the association is started collecting donations for the purpose of running the Madrasas aid, old age pension and poor children circumcision program. The members of association whole-heartedly supported for the collection of the donations.  However, the association still needs money to activate the programs and running office premises.  We request the members of the association to contribute generously in order to make success of the community welfare.  The Association has a started a Merit Award program to the Students who gained highest Marks in SSC, Pre-University, Degree and Vocational training Courses in the year of 2002.  The money expended to this program was donated individually, hence making the education more popular among Muslims.  Therefore, we request any life members initiate to make this program more popular and helpful.

As you know the education status of the Muslim community is very poor comparing to other non-Muslim communities.  The association has given priority to the education at beginning.  The scholarship program have been stopped by the association due to the similar activity began in the Jamia Masjid of Udipi, spending more than Rs200,000/- to the deserving students.  Hence the association has decided to start a new version of scholarship to the students where higher studies can be supported.  Here is the Plan for your perusal and due consideration.


  • Yearly Merit Award
  • Financial assistance to the students who left out after SSC.
  • Adopting a student to continue his education in colleges or in it is bearing all cost of his education for the whole term.
  • Person-to-Person Financial assistance.


Scope of this program:

1. Association has already implemented this program in 2002.  The merit award contains cash award of Rs1000, Rs1000, Rs.1500, and Rs.2000 for SSC, Pre-University, and Diploma and Degree courses respectively for boys and Girls.  This award will contain a certificate from the Association.  Any member can sponsor to this program once a year.

2. The association is studied the educational background of the community that requires immediate diagnosis.  For example, a student studies up to the SSC and left out of education due to financial crisis at home although he as a interest in continuing that.  The association will assist the student to pay his education fees and buy his learning and writing books, on behalf the donor.

3. Any member can adopt a student for his study for the whole course.  That may be degree course, diploma in Computer science, Vocational Training Courses or any other religious education courses available around the District.  The donor of this program needs to expend in full amount whatsoever.  Hence the student will have a satisfaction that he will complete his course without any hindrance of financial crisis.

4. Person to Person educational assistance will be provided through the association.  Any member requests the association pay the financial assistance to the students on monthly basis or other means, the association will wholeheartedly accept the requests of the members.


The association keeps all records required by the donor.  Progress update will be fed to the donor time to time.  If any member wish not to inform the name of donor that will be done or kept secret. 

Selection 1.  Any member or an individual can sponsor this program once in a year.  All expenses towards cash award, certificates, notification and award distribution expenses will have to meet by the donor.

Selection2. The donor will pay the money to Association to buy books and Fees that will be paid directly to the institution.  The donor has to specify the association which class he wish to pay.  The all expenditure will be informed in advance to donor and the donor will pay the amount for the complete year.

Selection 3. Adopting a Student will require the donor to specify the association to which course he wishes to adopt a student.  He will pay the entire cost of the course.  The association will search for a student or the donor can specify the student for adopt.  In this program all cost like clothing, boarding and a small pocket money will also involved.  All requests of the donor will be considered and met by the Association.

Selection 4.  The association will act as middleman to the donor pay the amount to the student lump sum one who is already studying on monthly basis.  The donor can specify the student or the association will initiate to recognize the student deserving for this selection. 

The association wishes to start this program for the coming academic year.  Any donor wish to have more details can contact the local life member in his area or write directly to the association. The donor is required to specify the association to which program he wishes to sponsor. 

The association wishes to have more priority to the education program under the support of the members.  We request all members to donate generously to the poor deserving students and make this program success.  We pray the Almighty Allah give us patience & strength to make success of this program.

  1. Old age pension to poor widows and blind people.
  2. Monthly financial aid to poor Islamic Madrasas.
  3. Zakat collection & Distribution
  4. Fitra collection & Distribution
  5. Medical Aid to selected poor every year.
  6. Free sunath (Circumcision) to boys hailing from poor families.
  7. Running tailoring & fashion designing classes where poor girls and women get free training and certificates.
  8. Scholarships to selected merited students.


Apart from the above the Association also carried out the following social activities:

A number of Eid Milan programs with Hindu & Christian dignitaries as chief guests.

Printing of religious books written by scholars in Urdu, translated to Kannada for free distribution.

Special Ifthar programs are arranged where Hindu & Christians citizens of Udupi are invited with political & religious leaders.

 Blood donation camps are arranged.

Fruits distribution on the occasion of Eid at Government hospital & Handicapped children, Udupi

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