Message By Br.Shamshuddin Yusuf

I know Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi is doing a yeoman service to the
Community for the last 25 years under the leadership of Mr. K. Abdul Gafoor
And his team of devoted workers. I was inspired by the selflessness work of
This team and was co-operating them to operate for some time from my office.

Seeing their work, I too felt to do something for our community and started
Faizul Islam Educational Trust at Shirva, Udupi Dist. Mainly to impart religious
Education to our children. Deeni Madrasa was started to make our children
Hafiz- al –Quran with free accommodation and food. A madrasa for ladies,
Computer Training Centre, Technical Education Centre were added under the
Banner of Faizul Islam Educational Trust.

While working for these activities, it was felt to start an English Medium
School, with Urdu and Deeniyat to our tiny tots as many our children go to
English Medium Schools, other than Urdu and loose our identity in the modern
World. They become professionals but forget Islamic culture. The knowledge
Of Urdu language, Arabic study and Islamic Culture is a must to our future

A tremendous work is being done in this field with the starting of Faizul Islam
Public School at Shirva in the year 2006. At a stroke LKG to IV Std. was started
And V Std. added in the Academic year 2007-08. We teach English, Urdu, and Arabic
And Deeniyat in this School with the main idea of bringing up our
Children in Deeni and Duniyavi education under one roof.

To mention a few our own section of people are against the progressive work.
It is historical, right from time immemorial; even our Prophets have faced lot of
Resistance from the general masses. But the working force or a person should not
Become a pray to all these critics and has to go ahead with the plan of action.

Muslim Welfare Association –Udupi has also faced so many problems in this
Progressive work. But Mr. K. Abdul Gafoor and his team have not dithered.
Facing the challenges they have marched ahead and still working to reach the goal.
Install Allah, next few years will be a tremendous successes in their work.

Money makes many. Without funds any Organization cannot proceed speedily
To achieve the target. This fund collection drive through this Souvenir is
Essential and I am sure Almighty Allah will help them to raise funds to reach
Their target. I wish their program a grand success.

It is my message to the team of workers to be courageous to face the hurdles
And the critics to be less active in their criticism for Allah’s sake and support
The working team. If not keep quite and watch the progress by any organization
This has started for some specific purpose.

Finally I pray Almighty Allah to give each one of us a good thinking
For the development of our community which is most important for the
Day. Ameen.


Date: 5.3.2008                                                                        Shamshuddin Yousuf   Saheb  
                                                                                    Faizul Islam Education Trust