President's Message

As a president of the Silver jubilee year it is ALHAMDULILLAH my proud privilege rather prerogative to acknowledge the generous and services of ALL the founder members, Life members, well wishers, friends and philanthropists who have founded, nourished the 'Association' to grow year by year with all its activities, adopting avenues and objectives within the matchable perimeter of the budget.

Today the association is 25years old. It has successfully sustained all he eventualities till today, ALHAMDULLILAh which reflects the magnitude of the united efforts and dedication by one and all.

at this juncture we wish to recognize and remember the precious efforts of our passed honorable founder members and life members who are no more alive with us, but the joint efforts in implanting the tree in the name of Muslim Welfare Association twenty five year back draining their health & sweat will, Insha Allah, ever remain engraved in the hearts of honorable members, JAZAKALLAHA ANHU.

Enriched with the renewed vigor and the enthusiasm fostered by support of our members and philanthropists, the managing committee have unanimously resolved to adopt the following avenues and objectives.

1. To purchase a hall or auditorium to serve the multipurpose at an approximate cost of Rs.17, 50,000/-(Rupees Seventeen Laths Fifty Thousand only) in commemoration with the silver jubilee of our association. This hall will not only serve to conduct seminar, religious get together, study classes, carrier guidance awareness lectures, disseminating awareness to facilitate blossoming youth but also will provide all types of courses to girls and ladies which will help them to earn lively hood at the times of need.

2. To bring out a souvenir in commemoration of the Silver Jubilee Year.

3. To take up membership drive to inflate members strength and to promote wider participation of youth and well-wishers in implementation of our objectives.

4. To bring in to main stream of education for drop out boys and girls subsisting with basic necessities, this resulted in drop out, from schools and colleges.

5. To revive under skilled youth to join job oriented courses to suit caliber so that they will be completed enough to earn their lively hood.

6. To conduct periodical carrier guidance workshop to enrich and make our youth capable to opt their prospective profession of the individual choice.

7.Toadopt total sponsorship to poor and merit students to produce Lawyers,Journalists,Economists and endorse our presence in services such as IAS,IPS,IJS etc.,As on today we find acute bankruptcy in these categories.

8. To motivate all our members and well wishers to act as watchdog in safeguarding our community educationally, economically, socially and religiously with an hawk-eye in protecting from antisocial elements.

With all the above envisaged objectives we hope Insha Allah to step forward to serve the society with an enriched enthusiasm fostered by donors and philanthropists of our society AMEEN.


President ( 2007-08)
Muslim Welfare Association, Udupi